The purpose of Texas Democratic Women (TDW) is to increase the participation and influence of Democratic women in Texas government and politics. To achieve this goal, we act through a board of directors and an advisory board at the State level together with local TDW chapters across the State.

TDW takes action in many ways:

  • Two state board officers serve as official add-on members of the State Democratic Party Executive Committee (SDEC);
  • Blue Ribbon Lobby Day during every legislative session when hundreds of women arrive at the Capitol to talk directly to representatives and senators;
  • an annual convention in Austin every February where we host workshops and develop new strategies;
  • a summer retreat when we again work on perfecting our strategies in a “get-away” environment;
  • a monthly newsletter by which we stay in touch directly with all members;
  • social media posts to keep our members informed of current events – and,
  • most importantly, by members at the local level working side by side to grow their numbers and energize their members to “roll up their sleeves” to elect better officials.

TDW is an affiliate member of the National Federation of Democratic Women (NFDW), an organization formed in 1971. TDW's and NFDW's goals are aligned: to encourage women to get involved in all aspects of the political process and to run for elected office. NFDW has created "Women in Blue: A Blueprint on Effective Advocacy," an instructive manual on how we retain or regain our power, engage and use our political influence for societal good.


Postcard from Suffragettes 1915

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Minnie Fisher Cunningham
Leading Texas Suffragette

Mary Eleanor Brackenridge
Member Board of Regents
Texas Women's University

Jane McCallum
Suffragette and Columnist for
Austin American Statesmen

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