Website Maintenance

In this workshop you will learn how to add or change content on your chapter’s website.  As you may already know, TDW provides each chapter its own website at no charge.  TDW’s webmaster will help install your website initially.  Then your chapter maintains and updates the website.  If you ever have technical problems or functions that you cannot do, TDW’s webmaster will help you remedy the problem.

TDW recommends that attendees bring their laptops and that the chapter choose a venue with reliable Internet access.  This will provide a better hands-on learning experience.

Basically, there are two (2) types of content to be revised on the chapter website:  (1) text, i.e., words, and (2) photos. Trainers will show you how to revise and update both of these.  They will explain the various tools in the website program that allow you to change the appearance of the content, such as different colors, fonts, images, and other tools.  After attending this workshop, you will have all of the basics that you need to publish an informative, up-to-date website to attract new members and keep current members informed.