Treasurer’s Duties and TEC Reporting

The chapter Treasurer has four tasks: (1) monthly Treasurer’s reports to the chapter stating the amounts of available funds, expenditures and receipts; (2) entering and updating new and renewing members’ contact information in the membership database; (3) sending TDW the chapter’s annual dues and also the dues for individual members in a timely fashion; and (4) scheduled online reports of the chapter’s financial activity to the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC). A person who is organized and enters the amounts when donations or expenditures are made will do well as Treasurer.

Trainers will go over the requirements of TEC finance reports, explain TDW’s dues structure, and describe how to submit dues to the TDW Treasurer.  Trainers will explain the TDW Membership database, how to access the database, and how to take advantage of using the database for full benefit.  Trainers will address the advantages of using Google Drive as online storage of chapter documents and data.

TDW recommends that attendees use their laptops during this workshop and be situated in a venue with reliable Internet access.  This will provide a better hands-on learning experience.

Since this workshop is directed to chapter treasurers only, it will be presented via telephone or online meeting application.