Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

This workshop will present various methods of contacting and encouraging women to vote.  TDW and the Texas Democratic Party (“TDP”) are working together to reach women because it is believed that women’s votes could be decisive in Texas in this critical November election.

TDW envisions that local chapters will work with their County Democratic parties in coordinating efforts.  County Democratic Chairs and their staff members can supply voter lists of particular demographics and gender for purposes of postcard mail-outs, phone banks, block-walking, and a host of other GOTV activities.  TDW encourages local chapters to work with their County Democratic Chairs in organizing GOTV activities.

Trainers will teach how to organize your members to carry out activities such as phone banking, block-walking, postcard mailing, text-banking, emailing, and the various ways to reach voters in your particular area.  Trainers will describe how to create literature and give you affordable resources for needed materials.