In Texas, we’re going on three decades of near-total one-party rule. We are the largest state in America governed by a Trump-aligned regime. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is the personification of the current regime — all circus, no bread. He distracts with demagoguery about trans people haunting restrooms while he also squeezes the lifeblood out of public schools. All in all, it’s a grim time.

And yet… the world has not ended, nor will it. The time for conviction and action is now. The radical right in Texas can be sidelined and their agenda can be stopped. The big question facing us now is not “Should we?” but “How?” The quickest way to shake off that sense of doom is to get to work.

Demand critical thinking, confront gender and other types of discrimination, and threaten to disengage if your demands are not met. Get involved. Go to a protest. Call, visit or write your city council members, county commissioners, mayor and state representatives and demand that they openly resist Trumpish tactics, and then support them if they do so. Make a donation to, or volunteer for, a progressive movement-building organization in your community.

And read from credible sources! You will speak with conviction when you are armed with knowledge. TDW provides this page to help you stay informed. Also, you can contact your State and US representatives and senators by clicking on Contact Lists – call, write, email, and show up! Go to Austin and speak to every politician and every staff member that you can.  

A study by Stanford Business School shows that lessons from behavioral science can increase voter turn-out — Researched Ways to Get-Out-The-Vote.  Working smart, we can win back important seats.

Now is the time!