Local Chapters

Local chapters are the “engines” that make Texas Democratic Women (TDW) go.  Members, joining together on projects, attending parades, having socials, build the foundation.  Find a chapter close to you in the list below.


Anderson County TDW
President: Versalean Logans (versaleanlogans@aol.com)

Bell County TDW
President: Nicola James (destinydocsfinancialnjj@gmail.com)

Bexar County Democratic Women
President: Jennifer Longoria (jenn.longoria@gmail.com)

Big Country Democratic Women
President: Linda Goolsbee (lgoolsbee@yahoo.com)

TDW of the Brazos Valley
President: Katie Womack (kwomack@tamu.edu)

Capital Area Democratic Women
President: Beth Payan (bethfagin@hotmail.com)

TDW of Central Texas
President: Mary G Mann (maryg.mann@gmail.com)

Cherokee County TDW
President: Janice Thacker (janicethacker1961@gmail.com)

Coastal Bend TDW
President: Jana Miller Longlois (gramannhouse@yahoo.com)

TDW of Ellis County
President: Lynda Begnaud (lyndabegnaud@icloud.com)

TDW Galveston County
President: Heidi Gordon (heidigordon2018@gmail.com)

Garland Democratic Womans Club
President: Arlene Beasley (Arbea25199@aol.com)

Greater Arlington/Mansfield Democratic Women
President: Paula Boehme (pkboehme@yahoo.com)

TDW Harris County Metro
President: Kathy Stabe (KStabe1982@gmail.com)

Harrison County TDW

Highland Lakes Democratic Women
President: Nancy Hill (nkhill@hotmail.com)

TDW of Hood County
President: Sharla Riddle (sharlariddle@gmail.com)

Hopkins County TDW
President: Alieca Hux (alieca.hux1947@gmail.com)

TDW of Johnson County
President: Crystal A. Cotton  (storminshore@yahoo.com)

Kerr County (Hill Country) Democratic Women
President: Rita Doherty (erikritadoherty@msn.com)

Nacogdoches County TDW
President: Norma Butler (nbutler313@yahoo.com)

North Dallas TDW (North Dallas Democratic Women)
President: Carol Jablonski (caroljablonski3@gmail.com)

Parker County TDW
President: Jean Lockett (jeanette5155@att.net)

Rio Grande Valley TDW
President: Olga Gonzalez (golga64@yahoo.com)

TDW of the South Plains
President: Brenda Cruz (bcruz2390@gmail.com)

South East Texas Democratic Women
President: Lynda Kay Makin (lkmakin@aol.com)

Tarrant County Democratic Woman’s Club (TCDWC)
President: Vicki Moore (vicki.moore@gmail.com)

TDW of the Wichita Area
President: Carolyn Harmon (carolynharmon@sbcglobal.net)

Texas Democratic Women of Rural North Texas
President: Lena Wells (tdwofruralnorthtexas@gmail.com)

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