New Chapters

Do you want to join the Texas Democratic Women (TDW) but there is no local chapter near you? Be bold – start a new chapter!  It’s easy, and we will help you.  You can gather some of your friends around your kitchen table and get started.

A few basics are needed, and we have form templates to give you:

  • Your new chapter Bylaws, which must be approved by the TDW Board;
  • A membership application;
  • Some coaching from TDW’s Membership Committee Chair.

We will even travel to your location and visit with you and your interested friends to help you get started.  Just contact either Kat Sanders, TDW’s Membership Chair or Sue Barrick, TDW’s Vice President.

Hey – get going!  There’s an election this year, and we need you!  Click and send your request right now.

Elect More Women!