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Anderson County - Sharon Davis
Anderson County - Ava Harmon-Hanson
Anderson County - Judge James Parsons
At Large - Lela Mays
Big Country - Linda Perkins
Caldwell County - Carlton Carl
Caldwell County - Michael Strauss
Central Texas - Cheryl D Bohde
Central Texas - Lorain S Brown
Central Texas - Meredith Dempsey
Central Texas - Willie P Fulton
Central Texas - Charlotte Laughlin
Central Texas - Jacqueline A Rhodes
Cherokee County - Marlene Jowell
Ellis County - Gayla Gatling
Ellis County - Kathy KinKaid
Ellis County - Rebecca LeBreton
Harris County Metro Area - Gaelyn Godwin
Harris County Metro Area - Monica Flores Richart
Highland Lakes - Ann Baird
Highland Lakes - Debbie McDaniel Carter
Highland Lakes - Sally Collier
Highland Lakes - Marjorie Dearmont
Highland Lakes - Mary S. Doran
Highland Lakes - Bunnie Sams Durnbaugh
Highland Lakes - Jeanne Emerson
Highland Lakes - Marcy Gauntt
Highland Lakes - Marilyn Kuehlem
Highland Lakes - Pam McGregor
Highland Lakes - Carol Parker
Highland Lakes - Lisa Weatherford
Highland Lakes - Linda Yarbrough
Hood County - Linda Boysen
Kerr County Area - Veronica Collazo
Kerr County Area - Peg Cook
Kerr County Area - Shari Gore
Kerr County Area - Wanda Kemp-Maxon
Kerr County Area - Sylvia Ostos
Kerr County Area - Susan Sheil
Kerr County Area - Edna (Carol) Wichman
Kerr County Area - Doris Williams
Kerr County Area - Jerri Workman
Nacogdoches County - Gwendolyn L. Barrett
Nacogdoches County - Linda Black
Nacogdoches County - Stephanie Jacob
South Plains - Justin Deurmyer
South Plains - Laura Deurmyer
South Plains - Marie Galindo
South Plains - Sara McLarty
South Plains - Beth Shapiro
South Plains - Sellie Shine
South Plains - Kathy Suchy
Wise County - Mary Guillory
Wise County - Rhonda Harris

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